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Mobile lifting jacks

Lifting jacks for railway vehicles made by HYWEMA® - The royal class in lifting railway vehicles.

The main difference between the lifting jacks type FL-N / FL-VN is the load anvil. The lifting jacks type FL-N are equipped with a fixed anvil and directly approach the lifting point of the rail vehicle to lift the load e.g. of subways and trams. The lifting jack type FL-VN is provided with a movable anvil and is used for heavy railway vehicles. After positioning the lifting jack, the anvil is horizontally moved to the lifting point of the rail vehicle. With this kind of construction the clearance gauge of all rail vehicles can be observed.

Lifting jacks type FL-N

Railway lifting jacks type FL-N

Lifting jacks type FL-N with fixed anvil -
up to 20 to per lift


Lifting jacks type FL-VN

Railway lifting jacks type FL-VN

Lifting jacks type FL-VN with movable anvil -
up to 65 to per lift


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